A digital transformation project example in Maternity that enables safer care for New Mother & Baby – The Saint Paul Clinic in Martinique

In this 45 mins webinar, you’ll discover how Enovacom helped the Saint Paul Clinic benefit from medical device integration. Pierre-Yves Leglise, Business Applications Manager at the Saint Paul Clinic in Martinque, gives his insights and answers.

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During this webinar:

  • ​Enovacom corporate profile​
  • Digital transformation of maternity departments
    • The drivers
    • The plan
  • ​The Saint Paul Clinic project in Martinique
  • ​Introducing Patient Connect, Enovacom’s biomedical interoperability platform
  • Interview with Pierre-Yves Leglise, Business Applications Manager at the Saint Paul Clinic


The total impact to the public purse for clinical negligence cases in NHS maternity departments in England today is £560m per year.

The focus on maternity and ensuring this area of the NHS joins the digital journey has accelerated over the last few years with NHS X now taking over the reigns of the project from NHS Digital.

Today, the government sees maternity as a priority area for digital transformation that will enable safer care and there are a number of key targets designed to significantly reduce the level of “unnecessary events of harm and death for both mother and baby” such as a 50% reduction in episodes of deaths of “still birth” and neonatals along with maternal deaths by 2030.

Maternity are accustomed to the use of paper for the data produced by medical devices, inevitably  it is not uncommon that these paper records either go missing or get damaged and written clinical notes are mis-interpreted. Nowadays, there is a significant growing number of litigation cases against trusts who without evidence are forced to pay damages in court when parents or relatives claim for clinical negligence.

To enable safer care, Trust departments now need to collect quality and outcomes data of the service. By adopting technology that meets common health standards there is more opportunity for the discovery of gaps in knowledge regarding all the information centred around the patient as IT applications will be able to communicate with each other and there is a much more robust auditing process in place.

To ensure of capturing the value of the produced data and enhance patient care, medical devices must be connected directly with the electronic patient record. This will allow understaffed maternity departments to automatically deliver a complete patient record, reducing the risk of errors associated with manual vital signs recording and ensuring that information is immediately available and shared between various health professionals and services

In this 45 mins webinar, you’ll discover how the Saint Paul Clinic worked with Enovacom as part of delivering their digital transformation programme, focusing on integration of their medical devices to their National Maternity EPR system, Pierre-Yves Leglise, Business Applications Manager at the Saint Paul Clinic in Martinque, gives his insights and advice

Enovacom’s 100% software solution is a middleware interoperability platform that allows medical staff to enhance patient care and the patient experience thanks to our experience of working with the biggest players on the market: Philips, GE Healthcare, Dräger, Masimo, B. Braun, ICU Medical, Fresenius Kabi, Fresenius Medical Care, Maquet, Gambro, …


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