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Patients and their data: the foundations for healthcare transformation.

Computerising healthcare systems have now reached the point of no return. Digital health services can use these foundations to help the emergence of coordination of […]

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The benefits of Medical Device Integration

With this white paper, we will see how necessary it is to manage patient data from start to finish – especially in the biomedical field. […]

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Energising mental health digital transformation through interoperability

In this paper, come learn about the challenges faced by Mental Health providers in their daily lives and get views and examples from a Global […]

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The 7 deadly sins of interoperability.

Based on our expertise of the healthcare market we have developed a guide with an interactive theme called the 7 deadly sins of data integration […]

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5 good reasons to secure your health data.

This guide provides a status of where we are in terms of health data security and proposes some suggestions to deal with critical issues.

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