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La Tour hospital uses interoperability to implement a powerful patient administrative management tool

In Switzerland, La Tour Hospital must manage more than ten different business applications. Each one has its own code, language, and way of operating, which […]

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At La Tour Hospital, a simple scan can link a biomedical device to the electronic patient record

In the PCU department at La Tour Hospital, nurses have changed their habits. Previously, they had to manually transcribe data sent by patient-related medical devices. […]

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How does Enovacom enable the French Ministry of Health to record COVID-19 screening test results?

In addition to organising the national screening process, computerising the test results has been crucial. Working in tandem with the AP-HP (the public hospital system […]

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How Enovacom efficiently organised Unilabs Switzerland’s data exchanges?

Discover how the UNILABS group came from several EAI-type software programs as well as several ‘homemade’ scripts, to an organisation sending data flows automatically, i.e. […]

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