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Enovacom’s identity repository brings together data in the Rhône Nord Beaujolais Dombes RHG

In this case study, Fabrice Paquien, head of the Application Project Innovation (API) department at the Rhône Nord Beaujolais Dombes RHG, France, gives his take […]

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Biomedical interoperability and EPR: feedback from CHUV after 4 years of use

People often think clinicians are too critical about computerising healthcare environments. Whether they do so rightly or wrongly, they point the finger at system crashes, […]

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Amiens University Hospital gets its physicians connected!

With over 6,200 members of staff, Amiens-Picardie University Hospital is one of the two benchmark public university healthcare organisations in the Hauts-de-France region. With construction […]

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Patient centric healthcare technology at the Saint Jean Health Centre.

The Saint Jean Health Centre has chosen to use technological innovation to enhance the patient experience. In recovery rooms, the team of physicians can now […]

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A unique interoperability platform for four healthcare facilities

Since 2011, the CHIC Unisante Hospital group has included the Marie Madeleine de Forbach Hospital, the Lemire de St-Avold Hospital with a total of 304 […]

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