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Testimonial Identity Management

Without Enovacom, our teams would no longer be able to sign in to the parking lot, or eat in the canteen. The identity repository used […]

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Testimonial Authorization Management

We needed a solution that allowed us to automatically synchronize our HR software with our Active Directory. We also required a tool to provide healthcare […]

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Interoperability Testimonial

We chose Enovacom because its proposal was in line with our approach initiated by our merger and its interoperability solution met our selection criteria. It […]

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Biomedical Interoperability Testimonial – Brétéché

Before the arrival of Enovacom's biomedical interoperability platform, we would set up the patient in the operating room, write his/her name on the Scope (intraoperative […]

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Biomedical Interoperability Testimonial – Bagnols-sur-Cèze

Our goal was to have ECGs available in each medical record at the end of the examination, so we could improve the quality of patient […]

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