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The IHU Méditerranée Infection uses innovative biobanks to benefit healthcare and research

The IHU Méditerranée Infection is the only institute of infectious disease microbiology in France specialising in infectious and tropical diseases. They had to automate biobanks to meet safety and security requirements. They had to manage a high-capacity database, as it is an international facility and required a robotic system in the IT suite to reduce human input.

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Numerous people were going to feel the impact of the new system. Key project stakeholders, such as professors of medicine, IHU project managers, technicians, and biobank manufacturer project managers, were involved in the project’s initial evaluation phase. This helped outline the solution, and undertook the technical and functional scenario planning. The project was adapted throughout to meet all of the IHU’s expectations.

In this case study, discover the barriers that the IHU Méditerranée Infection overcame with Enovacom in order to automate their biobanks and enhance healthcare and research.

  • Aims and requirements
  • Issue: what barriers stopped you from meeting these goals?
  • Context: people, processes and technologies affected by the new system
  • Schedule and resources: how the solution was implemented, and what resources were used
  • The impact: the solution’s tangible and intangible benefits, the ROI and feedback from users and clients
  • Lessons learned: advice for companies who are after the same type of project

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