FHIR®: It is time to shine for the interoperability standard.

Read this guide to understand what is FHIR and why it is crucial for healthcare interoperability. But also what the current state-of-play is with FHIR, the current challenges for widespread adoption, how FHIR can enable the big data challenge and the next steps and solutions to increase uptake.

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Messaging standards, an essential ingredient to delivering interoperability ambitions in health, have a long and tired history when it comes to adoption. Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) bucks this trend as fastest ever standard to get from concept to release, by utilising current web technologies and built on a philosophy of making implementations easier and faster.

In this whitepaper we ask how long will momentum around FHIR last? What are the challenges facing the wide-scale adoption of FHIR? What will happen if visible results are not achieved soon? How can it support emerging technologies such as AI? And what can healthcare providers and IT suppliers do to increase adoption for patient benefit?

Read this whitepaper to find out:

  • What is FHIR and why it is crucial for healthcare interoperability
  • What the current state-of-play is with FHIR
  • The current challenges for widespread adoption
  • How FHIR can enable the big data challenge
  • The next steps and solutions to increase uptake

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