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CHU Saint Pierre – How to alert hospital staff and ambulances to emergencies quickly?

The Saint Pierre University Hospital in Brussels deals with 84,000 emergencies every year. Many different needs must be met in a very short time ranging from tracing emergency calls, treating patients and transferring blood bags.

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The system they previously used to communicate emergencies was outdated and, for security reasons, was in
real need of an update. So, the hospital started looking for a replacement to modernise its equipment and improve the daily lives of paramedics and ambulance drivers. They got in touch with ENOVACOM who proposed its Surycat software as the most suitable solution.

In this case study, you’ll discover how the ENOVACOM Surycat platform connects business systems, applications and equipment to communication environments (medical-grade mobile devices, enterprise-grade Android™ smartphones, pagers, DECT, …) so that recipients get the real-time information they need to act no matter where they are.

Read on to see how, since the software solution has been implemented, ambulance dispatch is now much more secure and efficient.

  • Introduction
  • A reliable solution to alert hospital staff at the right time is essential
  • The end game: ambulance drivers mobilised more efficiently
  • About Enovacom