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Amiens University Hospital gets its physicians connected!

With over 6,200 members of staff, Amiens-Picardie University Hospital is one of the two benchmark public university healthcare organisations in the Hauts-de-France region. With construction work underway, its new building naturally highlighted the need to focus on how best to pool resources and be as efficient as possible. One innovative idea they implemented was to use an intelligent system for managing and processing alarms connected to their equipment to improve efficiency and workers’ daily lives.

We discover the details behind this in an interview with Olivier TARGA – IT System – Support and Engineering Functions Centre, and Sébastien FLOREK – IT System Manager – PFSI Centre.

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“Many different devices gives off alerts. We wanted to manage and supervise them from a central system to make certain processes automatic in order to improve security, responsiveness and organise staff better. When the project began, Amiens University Hospital was spread over five separate sites and we had to solve the problem of signals sent”