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Enovacom prepares for further success in Canada by appointing new …

Publié le 17/02/2020

Enovacom prepares for further success in Canada by appointing new country manager


Enovacom is proud to announce the appointment of Mr. Alain Larochelle as Country Manager for Canada.

Why Alain?

An engineer by trade, Mr. Larochelle’s background has included working for innovative healthcare IT companies such as Emergis, Telus, IMS Health (now IQVIA) and Purkinje.

Alain has demonstrated great leadership skills and an innate ability to innovate and implement developmental projects on any scale by establishing numerous partnerships and working closely with his clients and healthcare professionals. His goal is to promote Enovacom throughout Canada where it has already been operating since 2017. 

“I am excited to join Enovacom and contribute to its continued success. They are a team of experienced professionals that has clearly demonstrated its ability to exceed client expectations with innovative solutions in this critical market. As a subsidiary of Orange Business Services, Enovacom has the required support to fulfil its vision of delivering solutions that will support its client’s objective of delivering the best healthcare to their patients”, says Alain.

“Alain brings a wealth of experience and knowledge of the Canadian eHealth market which will support our ambitions to further support healthcare organisations in Canada. With a sharp focus and ability to innovate, Alain will work closely with healthcare and IT professionals across the country to deliver on their ever-evolving challenges and needs” says Christophe Thibault, International Sales Director at Enovacom.

Enovacom to help healthcare institutions in their interoperability projects in Canada

In 2017, Enovacom began collaborating with Purkinje and soon after they were chosen by the Ministry of Health and Social Services to deploy its interoperability platform throughout Quebec. ESV2 (Enovacom suite V2) will make it easier for regional healthcare facilities such as hospitals to exchange healthcare data between different information systems. The platform has already been successfully deployed and is operational in several Health and Social Services Centres.

Enovacom has one specific goal: helping the University of Montreal Health Centre (CHUM) deploy the ESV2 interoperability platform in every institution in the province.

Enovacom is involved in other projects such as interoperability and biomedical devices/IoT (Internet of Things), healthcare and clinical research data warehouses, Big Data and artificial intelligence. As such, Enovacom participated in a key project at the Montreal Heart Institute (MHI) where the skills of its resources in interoperability and connecting biomedical devices contributes to the reduction of time spent by healthcare professionals (including nurses) transcribing key patient information in their clinical information system.

Healthcare institutions across Canada are always seeking innovative solutions to improve patient safety, healthcare worker satisfaction and system performance. Enovacom presents a number of solutions addressing these important challenges.

At the MHI, for instance, anaesthesia ventilators from the intensive care unit (ICU) were connected to export data through ENOVACOM Patient Connect (EPC), its biomedical interoperability solution. Another project aims to deploy EPC in order to connect infusion and syringe pumps. This solution saves precious healthcare teams time and lets them focus on treating patients by reducing the number of transcription errors and hours spent entering data manually.

Alain has all the resources he needs to help him grow Enovacom on the Canadian market. Do not hesitate to get in touch with him at alarochelle@enovacom.com

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