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How did Enovacom simplify health data flow management with Unilabs Suisse?

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The Unilabs Suisse Group in Switzerland has used Enovacom’s interoperability platform to modernize its information systems and simplify its approach to data sharing.

Unilabs Suisse wanted to facilitate automated data exchange between applications used by laboratories, doctors and hospitals.

The project involved multiple connected systems, more than one million reports and 40 sites. Enovacom helped to untangle an approach that involved several Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) software applications and numerous ‘in-house’ scripts.

Now, data – including analysis requests, reports and financial flows – is organized and sent automatically to care settings and other relevant recipients.

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Enovacom's input

By simplifying the management and supervision of its interoperability and data flows, Unilabs Suisse now has an automated and effective solution that allows it to know whether patient information is being properly sent between the different stakeholders along the care pathway. “The Enovacom solution works so well that we forgot it existed.”

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