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How did Enovacom help CHR d’Orléans (Orléans Regional Hospital Centre) harmonize its information system with its Regional Hospital Group?

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As the support institution for the GHT Loiret, CHR d’Orléans called on the Enovacom team to implement an interoperability platform across its group of hospitals. The project has multiple objectives.

Firstly, the project aims to create a unique interoperability platform that allows small and medium-sized healthcare facilities to be provided with software which they could not otherwise afford.

Secondly, the platform also centralizes information on patients who visit several institutions within a hospital group.

Lastly, it provides group member organizations with the best possible governance and security for all their business applications.

Our goal has been to support and coordinate the harmonization of CHR d’Orléans’ information system (IS) within the context of a wider regional hospital group.


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Enovacom's input

Within each regional hospital group (GHT), the management of a convergent IS helps improve professionals’ access to information. It also boosts the security of care, and the consolidates multiple activities. This is why IS management is a central lever for the organization of GHTs. It is also why it is included in the digital and the GHT programme for the French national health strategy “Ma santé 2022” (My Health 2022).

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