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How did Enovacom create an identity repository and secure data exchange within three RHG organisations?

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GHT Rhône Nord Beaujolais Dombes
Regional Hospital Group
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The Rhône Beaujolais Dombes RHG (regional hospital group) has eight hospitals and a large number of beds and employees. Enovacom’s identity repository has become the RHG’s professional identity and access management solution, and the cornerstone for three of the healthcare organisation’s IT systems.

It makes it easier for healthcare professionals to manage access to hospital software applications and control the access life cycles of employees and external workers.

Find out more about the project below.

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Enovacom's input

Creating an identity repository for three RHG establishments means it is easier to coordinate activity across the healthcare group. The Enovacom solution manages access to different business applications, protects hospital data and facilitates information exchange.

The Enovacom solution lets staff at the RHG use their badges to get into different departments, access areas such as the canteen, and helps the head of the API department see who is using the hospital’s IT system.

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