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Google Cloud & Enovacom work together for the future of …

Publié le 15/04/2019

Google Cloud & Enovacom work together for the future of Healthcare

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Enovacom is dedicated to developing innovative healthcare software, enabling the exchange and sharing of patient data in Europe and North America, and investing more than 20% of its annual revenues into R&D, to bring its customers some of the most advanced, innovative healthcare solutions.

Different healthcare standards or initiatives serve the different healthcare segments effectively in delivering critical information between systems, such as HL7v2 or the new standard of FHIR.

The development of FHIR-based standards is moving ahead, but practical implementations are still in their infancy and at the time being HL7v2 is still the most commonly used standard.

With the Google Cloud integration, Enovacom customers can quickly take advantage of Google Cloud’s unique capabilities for application development and real-time analytics. Enovacom has developed a driver to use the Enovacom Integration Engine solution for integrating HL7v2 messages and FHIR requests with Google Cloud Healthcare API. The Enovacom Integration Engine has been able to demonstrate its capacity in these processes and thus allows the integration of data from different IHE formats into Google Cloud Healthcare APIs. The Enovacom Integration Engine solution offers the possibility to work on premise or on a cloud platform according to the project needs, and thus optimizes the exchanges between all the document-producing applications (medical or other) and the broader Google Cloud Platform.

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