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Laurent Frigara

Immediately after graduating from EISTI (École Internationale des Sciences du Traitement de L'Info) in 1997, Laurent Frigara teamed up with Renaud Luparia to create his […]

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Cyril Garde

Cyril Garde joined forces with Laurent Frigara and Renaud Luparia in 1998. The trio created Enovacom in 2002 and together developed the first version of […]

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Patrice Grilli

Having mastered the "definition of customer needs—deployment—support" chain, alongside his in-depth knowledge of EDI/EAI projects and healthcare standards, Patrice Grilli and his team are central […]

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Eric Pieuchot

Eric Pieuchot holds a specialized Master’s degree in Information Systems Engineering from IMT Atlantique. Subsequently, he has held several positions of responsibility within Orange Business […]

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Frédéric Bourcier

Frédéric Bourcier is a serious computer enthusiast. His first experience in healthcare was founding Médicalist. For nearly 10 years, he held the position of Director […]

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