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Interoperability: Enovacom—CHR d’Orléans: 10 years of cooperation for patient services

In 2020, Enovacom and CHR d’Orléans celebrated 10 years of collaboration with the launch of a new project.

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Enovacom is implementing a group-wide interoperability platform for GHT Loiret (Loiret Hospital Group)

As the support institution for the Groupement Hospitalier de Territoire (GHT) Loiret, CHR d’Orléans has called on Enovacom to implement an interoperability platform across its […]

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How does Enovacom harmonise the EAIs of healthcare organisations to create an interoperability platform for hospital groups?

Coordinating care across the world has been a collective priority over the past five years. As health systems set up groups of hospitals in response, […]

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The challenge of creating a single identity repository for three organisations

The pair of project managers had to merge heterogeneous nomenclatures in order to build a common referential. They also demonstrate the collaborative work between the […]

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La Tour hospital uses interoperability to implement a powerful patient administrative management tool

In Switzerland, La Tour Hospital must manage more than ten different business applications. Each one has its own code, language, and way of operating, which […]

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