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The challenge of creating a single identity repository for three organisations

The pair of project managers had to merge heterogeneous nomenclatures in order to build a common referential. They also demonstrate the collaborative work between the […]

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La Tour hospital uses interoperability to implement a powerful patient administrative management tool

In Switzerland, La Tour Hospital must manage more than ten different business applications. Each one has its own code, language, and way of operating, which […]

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At La Tour Hospital, a simple scan can link a biomedical device to the electronic patient record

In the PCU department at La Tour Hospital, nurses have changed their habits. Previously, they had to manually transcribe data sent by patient-related medical devices. […]

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How does Enovacom enable the French Ministry of Health to record COVID-19 screening test results?

In addition to organising the national screening process, computerising the test results has been crucial. Working in tandem with the AP-HP (the public hospital system […]

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Enovacom’s identity repository brings together data in the Rhône Nord Beaujolais Dombes RHG

In this case study, Fabrice Paquien, head of the Application Project Innovation (API) department at the Rhône Nord Beaujolais Dombes RHG, France, gives his take […]

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