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Team profiles: get to know our team in the UK

Publié le 29/09/2020

Team profiles: get to know our team in the UK


Enovacom’s Mark Smith and Anil Madhar have been working with the NHS and international healthcare providers for decades, helping frontline staff use technology and data to enhance the quality of care.

Mark Smith - Business Development Director in the UK

Mark Smith is Enovacom’s Business Development Director in the UK, working with NHS customers delivering acute, mental health and integrated care. He has over 20 years’ experience in health technology business development and account management, having worked at Fujitsu, McKesson and VitalPAC before joining Enovacom in 2016. Based in the South West, Mark’s passions are winter sports and he is a proud new owner of a 20 year old VW T4 Campervan, affectionately known as the “money pit”. Mark combines positivity and pragmatism with integrity and insight to help frontline healthcare professionals use technology and data to provide the best patient care possible.

Mark says: “I’m passionate about introducing new technology that supports patients and caregiver, and I have been involved with Enovacom after seeing the commercial and technical value of its solutions. Enovacom technology is simple and easy to use, empowering NHS and other care staff to realise the full benefits of interoperability and data sharing.”

Connect with Mark in LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mark-smith-16574612/

Anil Madhar

Anil Madhar is a presales and solutions specialist for Enovacom, working with the international sales manager to provide technical support for UK and international sales. With a business analyst background, Anil joined Enovacom in 2015, following a rich career in IT roles in secondary and primary care organisations across the NHS. Able to deliver high quality planning and support under great pressure, Anil works from Swindon where he and his partner both enjoy time with family and friends and the outdoors and travelling.

Anil says: “I joined Enovacom after speaking with its founders. I was amazed at their value proposition. They are experts in interoperability, which is key to the digital transformation agenda, certainly in the UK, and across healthcare globally.”

Connect with Anil in LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/anilmadhar/

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