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Team profiles: get to know our team in Europe

Publié le 14/10/2020

Team profiles: get to know our team in Europe


Enovacom’s Simon Chassain and Cyril Dauberte have been working with international healthcare providers for decades, helping frontline staff use technology and data to enhance the quality of care.

Simon Chassain - Deputy Director of International Sales at Enovacom,

Simon Chassain

Simon is Deputy Director of International Sales at Enovacom, covering countries in the Benelux and Nordics regions. Based in Marseille, he has been with Enovacom for over 10 years, and has worked on hundreds of integration projects in that time. This has provided him with extensive experience in helping organisations see how interoperability, integration and data sharing can help them achieve their long term objectives. An ardent sport and football fan, father-of-two Simon supports Olympic de Marseille and was a heroic finisher of Marathon de Paris 2019.

Simon says: “Healthcare organisations can see the potential of using digital tools to involve patients more in their treatment, and the value that data can provide for care delivery and care planning. Enovacom can contribute to that by providing the interoperability solutions that make the integration of such solutions easy, and help avoid the issue of data being locked within specific systems. Our technology provides the foundation for the digital patient journey, inside and outside the hospital ward.”

Connect with Simon in LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/simonchassain/

Cyril Dauberte

Düsseldorf-based Cyril is Business Development Manager for the DACH region, and covers German-speaking Switzerland, Germany and Austria for Enovacom. He is an experienced sales and marketing professional who has held roles across Europe, and is now in Germany to help Enovacom work with healthcare organisations that are embracing digital health opportunities. Well-travelled Cyril is interested in new technologies, sport, and foreign culture. 

Cyril Dauberte - Business Development Manager for the DACH region - Enovacom

Cyril says: “The challenge for the region is to increase interoperability, and to do this in a way that saves time and effort for CIOs and the hospital staff. Enovacom gives healthcare organisations the tools and training to take control of their integration requirements. This will be invaluable as Europe moves to more digitally-enabled healthcare systems.”

Connect with Cyril in LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cyril-dauberte-50023095/ 

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