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Save time coordinating emergency resources: how Enovacom helps healthcare organisations …

Publié le 03/04/2020

Save time coordinating emergency resources: how Enovacom helps healthcare organisations face COVID-19


Faced with the Coronavirus epidemic and containment measures in France, Enovacom is still fully operational remotely. Our service continues and our products are well placed to help fight the virus, especially by coordinating emergency resources to save time for your healthcare organisation.


On March 6, France launched a nationwide emergency medical plan to respond to the global spread of the COVID19 virus. The plan outlines how to admit and treat the pandemic’s high amount of victims and to ensure all hands are on deck as every available member of hospital staff is needed.

It is crucial for hospitals to deal with the situation correctly as far as care, responsiveness, presence and mobilisation are concerned. The focus of essential actions and care is required, with non-essential services and projects reduced in priority. Mass internal and external communication is also essential to manage this health crisis.

Enovacom supports all kinds of hospitals and several regional health agencies with the Surycat Emergency Plan solution to facilitate coordinating, alerting and mobilising staff and resources. The aim is to provide ways of putting staff on stand-by and mobilising them quickly and easily if required. This saves vital time organising extra workers for ambulances, accident and emergency departments, operating theatres and resuscitation wards as well as for recalling personnel, delivering instructions rapidly, etc.

This solution is a cloud service used to disseminate information and recall personnel en masse (with text messages and phone calls) to manage crisis communication by automating large-volume internal communications (applying instructions, etc.), and external communications (sending out information, personnel recall based on specific skillset/speciality/department, mobilising crisis units, bolstering skill X, Y, Z, etc.).

It is possible to target recipients by specialty, role, facility, department, job, etc. The platform saves a significant amount of time compared to a manual reminder and helps hospitals transmit important information to the right people at the right time.

Communication is more crucial than ever during a crisis. Pre-alert, stand-by, targeted mobilisation, providing instructions, calling in reinforcements and changing shifts – ENOVACOM Surycat automates them all. Crises are easier to manage with better anticipation and agility when you can reach several thousand people in a few minutes and receive their responses.

The solution was implemented and used during certain major events in 2019, mainly to put staff on stand-by, mobilise crisis units and prepare the healthcare response as soon as the first signs appeared.

Coordinating emergency resources: what’s already been done with our clients

We have been working with our clients to help them implement ways of alerting and mobilising staff for COVID-19.

Hospitals in Valenciennes, Saint Quentin, Amiens, Marseille, etc. all used ENOVACOM Surycat to make their crisis management systems more efficient.

To improve crisis management, the platform helps healthcare providers:

  • Send out alert messages to the relevant members of staff
  • Quickly mobilise the teams needed to organise the healthcare response
  • Organise reinforcements and the flow of resources throughout the crisis
  • Trace all actions and communications

The healthcare providers have reported the following benefits:

  • Greater efficiency: up to 10 times faster
  • Reliability: up to 100% of targets achieved
  • More time to devote to other tasks both in crisis units and other departments

These benefits are made possible thanks to the way the platform can:

  • Contact several hundred people in a few minutes
  • Provide a user-focused approach to communications which makes it more natural for people to interact whether they are in a crisis cell or being mobilised
  • Integrate with existing communications media and HR databases to keep recall lists up to date
  • Help define communication “scenarios” flexibly to cover every organisational consideration

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