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Purkinje wins GACEQ’s call with French partner Enovacom

Publié le 20/07/2017

Purkinje wins GACEQ’s call with French partner Enovacom


Purkinje, in collaboration with France based partner Enovacom, win GACEQs call for tender to enable the sharing of patient data for healthcare organisations across the Quebec province

On 20th July 2017, the East Quebec Joint Procurement Group (GACEQ) selected Purkinje, in partnership with Enovacom, to deploy Enovacom’s unique integration agent in every healthcare provider organisation in Montreal. The aim is to enable the exchange of patient data easily between different establishments as well as within the organisations themselves.

Purkinje and Enovacom have worked closely together to offer a solution which optimises the exchange of health data between healthcare organisations’ IT systems in the Quebec province. Led by Montreal University Hospital (CHUM), the project is part of the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MSSS) goal to bring services closer to the public and improve access to the network through an integrated services organisation. As such, the MSSS requirement is to unify and optimise the many IT systems used in healthcare and social services.

As a result, every establishment in Quebec will benefit from the interoperability platform or comprehensive integration engine flag-ship product from software editor, Enovacom. The Enovacom-Purkinje technological partnership will work on assisting the interoperability CDO team to deploy the solution gradually replacing the different integration agents currently being used. The solution will support the unification and IT systems optimisation projects, including the Cristal-Net electronic clinical records (ECR) project.

Enovacom makes exchanging and sharing health data easier; it is what we have specialised in for 15 years. We work with many software vendors on a daily basis – including Cristal-Net. Now more than ever, healthcare organisations need to protect patient information. We are truly proud to be associated with our partner Purkinje who won this call for tender aiming at providing Quebec hospitals with best-of-breed solutions. The combination of Purkinje’s healthcare system expertise and the evident quality of our solution will provide establishments with the same level of satisfaction as the 1,500 clients we have in France. What made us stand out for this call for tender? Our integration agent is easy to use, robust, reliable and works with any IT system”.

Purkinje continues to offer innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of the healthcare network in Canada and beyond. We invest in solutions that will help us keep track of patients throughout the network with tools that work in the community, clinical and hospital environments. Our expertise has been showcased in the best clinics and hospitals at a local, regional, provincial and federal level

About Purkinje

Based in Montreal, the Canadian company Purkinje has worked on IT technology solutions in the healthcare sector for nearly 40 years. Its in-depth understanding of the healthcare network combined with its technological know-how has helped them develop innovative solutions adapted to medical clinics (Electronic Patient Records) and hospitals (Electronic Clinical Records). Purkinje solutions are used in over 600 clinics and 8 hospitals in Canada, 100 healthcare organisations outside Quebec and by 20,000 healthcare professionals throughout Canada.

About Enovacom

Enovacom was founded in France in 2002 as a healthcare-dedicated software editor to enable the exchange and sharing patient data much easier, faster and more reliable. Enovacom solutions are used in over 1,500 hospitals and have a satisfaction rate of 97%. Enovacom has also established relationships with major software partners. Enovacom solutions are used in France, the United Kingdom, Canada, Belgium and Switzerland. In 2016, Enovacom was added to the Truffle Top 100 French software developers.

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