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Polypoint-Enovacom: a new Healthcare Technology Partnership

Publié le 19/10/2017

Polypoint-Enovacom: a new Healthcare Technology Partnership


Discover the new Partnership between Polypoint and Enovacom

Enovacom is proud to announce a new healthcare technology partnership with the POLYPOINT solution from Erne Consulting AG, an established leader in Swiss e-Health.

Erne Consulting AG continues to specialise in healthcare-dedicated software since its inception in 1986. The development, installation, training and maintenance of the Polypoint product line is the main focus of their activities. There are currently used over 750 healthcare installations with over 20,000 users on a daily basis.

This partnership will enable and enhance the integration capabilities of the POLYPOINT solutions allowing for optimisation and a simplified approach to exchanging data.

The partnership will be in place from January 2018. The ‘ENOVACOM Integration Engine’ interoperability platform will also be offered to hospitals, clinics and other healthcare provider as part of our exciting collaboration with Polypoint.

Enovacom is expanding its value proposition into the international market such as Switzerland, Belgium, Canada and the United Kingdom.

The needs are exponential to improve the healthcare sector and deal with issues over-budgeting, security and universal health. As we trust our business know-how, our solutions can only keep improving by drawing from local conditions to serve the future needs of every healthcare provider in France and abroad.

For more information about Polypoint and to get their latest news, please go to their website: http://www.polypoint.ch/

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