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Patient-centric healthcare technology at the Saint Jean Health Centre

Publié le 01/02/2018

Patient-centric healthcare technology at the Saint Jean Health Centre


The healthcare provider has achieved its goal of spending more time with patients

The Saint Jean Health Centre has chosen to use technological innovation to enhance the patient experience. In recovery rooms, the team of physicians can now rely on the innovative ENOVACOM Patient Connect software to connect biomedical devices and integrate directly into the electronic patient record. The advantages are qualitative and quantitive, so staff no longer have to spend time manually entering vital signs data, and information is now more comprehensive, secure and reliable. The centre estimates it now saves a total of 30 hours a day for 15 physicians. As a result, time spent on data entry is now used to treat patients, a key driver for the Saint Jean Health Centre.

The Saint Jean Health Centre includes the Saint Jean Polyclinic in Cagnes-sur-Mer, the E3S Follow-up Care Centre in Cagnes-sur-Mer and the Antibes Saint Jean Centre (previously known as the Montsinéry Centre).

Number of biomedical devices involved in the project : 40

Type of integrated data: blood pressure, O2 saturation

Vital data integrated into the Expertiz DPI

Brands: GE DASH 5000 and B450, EDAN M8B

Project length: 6 months


The initial aim for the Saint Jean Health Centre

The healthcare team manage 40 beds on average in the recovery room. Each ward has their own specialty: Endoscopy, Ophthalmology, Outpatients andor Gynaecology. The centre staff have been manually entered vital signs information for each of their patients into the corresponding electronic records and this was proving a sorepoint with regards to time spent and administrative workload for the staff.

“It was the nurses whom first expressed the need. Everyone was extremely glad when we deployed the software publisher – Expertiz’s patient records – but we very quickly realised other constraints”, says Julien Degardin, IT director at the Saint Jean Health Centre. “Patient information moved from being recorded on paper to being manually entered into software. Of course, there are great benefits to computerising health records (centralising information onto a single tool, data traceability, etc.) but as far as saving time is concerned, the team felt they did not realise as many benefits. What became clear to us after only 15 days of finishing the project was the link missing between IT and the biomedical field to automatically update patient data from medical devices back onto electronic records. We then started looking for a solution which had no problem connecting software systems to biomedical devices without needing to add any extra hardware for teams to deal with”.

The Saint Jean Health Centre meets Enovacom

“Enovacom is known as the interoperability specialist or, more broadly, for knowing how to enable software applications with different technical coding languages/standards/formats communicate with each other. We already utilise these benefits with the ENOVACOM Suite interoperability solution. Enovacom brought ENOVACOM Patient Connect to my attention, this solution enables software and medical devices to communicate. After evaluating a number of solutions, all of our desired needs were again met with Enovacom”, Julien Degardin confirms.

As well as our existing relationship, we chose ENOVACOM Patient Connect mainly for 3 reasons:

1. Biomedical interoperability: the solution is able to integrate any type of biomedical equipment providing me with a strategic platform.

2. No material investment: no need to change the 40 biomedical devices or add additional equipment

3. No change for physicians: thanks to their technological partnership, Enovacom smoothly integrated ENOVACOM Patient Connect into the Expertiz electronic patient record (DPI). The physicians only have to use one software program and one interface in the recovery rooms as ENOVACOM Patient Connect is embedded within the EPR, so no logging in and out of these systems which is a great feature.

The ENOVACOM Patient Connect project

“It only took one demonstration to show the nurses why we chose this solution,” says Julien Degardin. To assess the solution, the test phase was limited to only a few devices and wards. A few days later, every physician asked for the solution in their department. “We can see how successful the project is from how enthusiastic the users are”, Julien Degardin adds.

Our biomedical devices were all different generations manufactured by different brands. With three different proprietary systems, the ENOVACOM Patient Connect interoperability platform successfully connected every device to the Expertiz DPI. Now physicians can automatically update patient vital signs to their records in just one click.

The healthcare provider has achieved its goal of spending more time with patients

At the Saint Jean Health Centre, technology is clearly being utilised to benefit patients, their data and how me manage both. First of all, by deploying the Expertiz patient records solution to centralise information and ensure it is accessible to the healthcare team. Then, by connecting biomedical devices to ensure records are comprehensive and up-to-date, reducing manual transcription errors, ensuring positive patient id and allowing health staff to spend more time with their patients. All in all, the centre estimated that it has saved a total of around 30 hours a day for a team of 15 physicians. This means that every physician can dedicate an extra 2 hours to their patients.

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