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Orange and Enovacom to light the path to data-driven healthcare

Publié le 25/11/2020

Orange and Enovacom to light the path to data-driven healthcare


Enovacom’s integration of Orange’s healthcare division will provide the data-driven products and services that will underpin the future of digitised healthcare, says Christophe Thibault, of the French health data exchange specialists.

The international sales director says the integration will expand the expertise and portfolio available to customers across the globe, as they look to build on the rapid move to digital transformation that has emerged in response to the coronavirus pandemic. “Orange helps us solidify the foundations of Enovacom solutions, and to develop new products to meet the current and future needs of healthcare organisations,” he says. “This will be boosted with active recruitment for developer and project management roles. We are also investing in R&D to help to make existing solutions better meet emerging requirements, and so we can develop new products to meet new needs.”

Focus on data-driven healthcare

The new structure will focus on four key challenges: health data protection; data exchanges and sharing data across the health ecosystem; patient journey digitisation; and health data utilisation

These challenges have been identified as market priorities from Enovacom and Orange’s continued engagement with health and care organisations throughout the COVID19 pandemic.

“We have seen there is great interest in collaboration between multiple organisations, and a drive towards a more digitally-enabled patient journey,” he says. “There is also a global trend to move away from data silos, so that caregivers working in acute, mental health, community and primary care settings can use the same data to help them provide more person-centred care.

“Our expertise in collecting, storing and sharing data means we can transform how data can be used at the frontline of care, across the entire pathway, and for innovation and research purposes.”

This can be seen by the growing interest in markets such as the UK for its medical device integration solutions. These collect data from bedside devices such as ventilators and vital signs monitors and share this data with the electronic patient record for access by caregivers on the frontline. 

Enovacom’s clinical data repository is also attracting interest as organisations look to make best use of their health data across the patient journey. Information collected from multiple devices and multiple care settings can be safely stored in the repository, acting as a ‘single point of truth’ that supports more efficient, and more integrated care.

“Our central FHIR-based data repository can act as the central resource for collaboration across multiple individuals, departments and organisations at a local and regional level. Research hospitals can use this data, for example, to advance clinical care. Business intelligence tools can use the data to help optimise operational performance. “We can see great demand for such an approach in markets such as the UK, Belgium and DACH territory, where there are moves to the regional approaches that are already in existence in France and Canada.”

Data optimisation at the heart of international expansion

Enovacom, which was acquired by Orange Business Services in November 2018, integrated with the Orange Healthcare team from 1st October 2020. The new division, which will still use the Enovacom name, brings together a team of 250 employees spread across Marseille, Paris, London, Dusseldorf and Montreal.

UK lead Mark Smith welcomes the move. “With Orange, and the investment in people and technology, we can provide the UK healthcare market with a health data ecosystem that will grow with their needs.”

European lead Simon Chassain echoes the point. “Many healthcare organisations are prioritising the digital patient journey. Now we have a full suite of solutions that can use data across this journey.”

“With Orange healthcare’s insight and experience, we add another string to our health data bow,” says Alain Larochelle, lead for Canada and North America. “It shows that we have the global reach to provide interoperability and data optimisation for the future of healthcare.” 

The integration with Orange means that Enovacom’s reputation as the healthtech community’s interoperability partner of choice has now been enhanced with a suite of data protection and optimisation solutions that can act as the foundation for data-driven healthcare.

Christophe Thibault says this will help the firm build on its work with partners across Europe and North America, as it looks to provide a holistic data offer that helps hospital doctors and nurses provide the best possible care.

“We will continue to expand internationally through our expertise in interoperability and data security and compliance, investment in talent and R&D, and our network of partners.

“Healthcare doesn’t stand still. We are adapting to the new world with an exciting development that will help put data at the heart of care.”

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