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The connected medical devices market

Publié le 12/04/2019

The connected medical devices market


When we talk about medical devices, we include any tool, device, equipment, software, material or other item used by itself or with others, including software developed specifically to be used to:

  • diagnose, prevent, check, treat or alleviate an illness
  • diagnose, check, treat or alleviate an injury or disability
  • study or to replace or change the anatomy or a physiological process, to deal with childbirth, and whose main impact on the human body can’t be achieved by pharmacological or immunological means, nor by metabolism, but whose function can be assisted by such means.

The term ‘medical device’ (MD) covers anything from defibrillators, hospital beds, syringes, blood glucose meters, insulin pumps, monitors, pacemakers. In 2015, 1,100 (1)medical device manufacturers in France were surveyed. In 2011, the French biomedical device market was estimated at 21.3 billion Euros. (2)

Assessment: from the connected devices to the hospital’s electronic patient records

We have been able to evaluate the last studies of the American Association dedicated to the promotion of IT Health HIMSS (3) on the topic, and there is no question about the assessment: only a third of healthcare facilities analysed in the United States have developed interfaces between biomedical devices and electronic medical records (EMR). The table below highlights the most common connections depending on the type of biomedical device: defibrillator, monitor, ventilator, etc.

Sources of this article

(1) Studies PIPAME 2011 et SNITEM 2015

(2) http://www.lantronix.com/wp-content/uploads/pdf/Medical-Devices-Landscape_Lantonix_HIMMS_WP.pdf

(3) HIMSS, (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) is a US association establisehd in 1961 which objective is to help improving the healthcare sector in relying on new technologies and IT in general.

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