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INTEROPen accelerates development of NHS interoperability standards

Publié le 04/07/2016

INTEROPen accelerates development of NHS interoperability standards


As a proud member of the techUK’s Health and Social Care Interoperability Charter, Enovacom is now part of INTEROPen. This action group aims to accelerate the development of standards for interoperability in the health and social care sectors.

The objective of the group has identified four key areas, that if interoperability standards are effectively developed, will deliver demonstrable shared care across care settings

  • Data exchange  – the development of data exchanges between different care settings
  • Data validation – the establishment and validation of FHIR based profiles for the exchange of data
  • Defining APIs – creating a definition for APIs that support automated notifications about patient care sent between service providers
  • Governance – the requirements for technical governance rules, security mechanisms for the handling of data and architectures that support locally developed shared care records

More details can be read in the Building Better Healthcare News.

If you want to know more about the techUK Health and Social Care Interoperability Charter you can read our former news describing the role of techUK and Enovacom.

Enovacom has been established for more than 14 years now and has built along the years a very strong expertise in the healthcare environment helping hundreds of healthcare and social care organisations to develop a powerful interoperability strategies.

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