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Discover how to work with STPs

Publié le 29/06/2017

Discover how to work with STPs


About The Digital Health Conference, July 5th

The Digital Health Conference, organised by Salford University in Manchester, took place on July 5th. It has been a great opportunity to explore the latest innovations being adopted by NHS organisations across the country and gave delegates the tools they needed to transform their organisation’s approach to technology.

Over the day, we heard from Bernard Quinn, director of improvement programmes at NHS Improvement and Daniel Hallen, head of digital technology at NHS England North.

Topics covered on the day included:

  • Which areas of NHS digital technology are in most need of investment?
  • How would better digital interaction transform the patient experience?
  • How far is digital transformation in the NHS progressing in the context of the Five-Year Forward View and STPs?
  • What opportunities are there for STPs to improve digital services?
  • What are the challenges and opportunities posed by health apps and how can they empower patients?
  • What can be achieved by Local Digital Roadmaps?
  • How can different STP areas work together to build a strong digital infrastructure across the NHS?
  • What lessons can the NHS learn from other sectors when it comes to adopting new technology?
  • What can be learned from previous unsuccessful attempts to reform technology in the NHS?
  • How can we address the challenges of data privacy and cybersecurity?

Our conference: The Case Study of Michael’s Journey

Common problems faced in healthcare: how assured are you that clinicians can deliver the right care at the right place at the right time ?

The healthcare landscape is changing. The objective of seamless integration and data sharing is mired by the historic constraints of system compatibility between organisations, their cultural differences and cost. Quicksilva and Enovacom invite you on a journey of discovery to learn how this innovative partnership is addressing the demands of the healthcare of tomorrow.

Illustrated by Michael’s story, a common patient journey scenario, we will consider each of the steps along his care pathway, examining the issues and describing our solutions at each stage. For instance:

  • From across primary care services to secondary care, how do you ensure all the relevant data is received and shared to multiple sources?
  • How to access medical histories?
  • How to know which treatment his GPs has given?
  • Where are the laboratory results ?
  • Which solutions can ensure health professionals are empowered to support Michael with co-ordinated care ?

Do you want to discover how the French health system works?

Learn from an example of how the French healthcare system resolves health data sharing problems between all organisations who use a variety of different systems… and discover the common challenges between the two healthcare systems.

Enovacom & Quicksilva : a partnership for change

Integration pioneers, Quicksilva and France’s interoperability product leader, Enovacom, unite to demonstrate how the combination of their expertise can remove known barriers to delivering clinical information safely.  Enovacom’s market-leading healthcare integration engine is empowered by Quicksilva’s managed access suite focussed on NHS Spine Services now providing a wide-range of information exchange solutions.
From streamlined e-referrals and data exchange between health and care to innovative in-flight NHS number verification, discover how Quicksilva and Enovacom can help achieve challenging STP integration goals. Meet us on our booth to discover how to build the connected health ecosystems for tomorrow.

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