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Enovacom is participating in the EPR projectathon in Bern from …

Publié le 20/08/2019

Enovacom is participating in the EPR projectathon in Bern from 23 to 27 September 2019.


Enovacom is testing its interoperability platform at the projectathon, which is focused on introducing EPRs.

From 23 to 27 September 2019, a new projectathon dedicated to Electronic Patient Records will be held at the Eventforum Bern.

A projectathon is a test session dedicated to implementing a specific project. The aim of this projectathon is to get healthcare software publishers ready to introduce EPRs as best as they can.

Different specific EPR applications cases will be tested:  

  • Identifying patients and healthcare professionals
  • Patients granting access rights
  • Searching EPRs for documents

As a reminder, several projectathons have already taken place, for example: 

  • The epSOS projectathons – The European epSOS Projectathon project was designed to test exchanging medical documents across borders. Several IHE profiles were selected and integrated according to specifications. Five Projectathons have been organised since 2010.
  • The eHDSI projectathons (European e-Health Digital Service Infrastructure) – the European digital infrastructure to facilitate exchanging healthcare data between EU member states         
  • And many more…

Enovacom often participates in connectathons which aim to test our solutions’ conformity and interoperability. This year, the connectathon took place in Rennes, France.

Here is the EPR project team. You might have the chance to meet some of them at the EPR projectathon!

Olivier Méry
Head of product interoperability
Nicolas Ottaviani
Software architect – R&D
François Fritsch
Head of International projects

Here’s a quick reminder about the Federal Act on Electronic Patient Records: 

Electronic Patient Records (EPRs) are files containing all the personal information and documents about patients. Patients can consult this information whenever they like by using a secure internet connection. It is also up to them to decide who they want to let access their data and documents and who they don’t.

The federal Electronic Patient Records Act (EPRA) stipulates that acute care hospitals, psychiatric clinics and rehabilitation clinics must be able to work with EPRs by mid-April 2020.

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