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Enovacom is coming to the Swiss e-Health Summit 2019 in …

Publié le 23/08/2019

Enovacom is coming to the Swiss e-Health Summit 2019 in Bern


Enovacom will be attending the Swiss e-Health Summit 2019

The aim of the Swiss e-Health Summit 2019 is to assess the introduction of Electronic Patient Records (EPRs) in Switzerland. The agenda includes presentations on innovations, concepts and projects that will underpin this change alongside Swiss healthcare policy makers and executives. Opinion leaders will also be present to exchange ideas and share their views on what they expect will be needed to have a connected healthcare system.  

This year, a new concept has been set up to develop interaction and networking among participants at the Swiss e-Health Summit 2019.

Come and find us to discuss current topics such as EPRs, interoperability, security, and more.

Our talk: “How interoperability benefits EPRs: the technical and organisational approach” Enovacom & Poylpoint     

Enovacom’s sales manager in Belgium, Simon Chassain, will be working alongside Polypoint to address issues around EPRs. Specific issues will be covered such as ‘How can we integrate EPRs into IT systems, and what are the key factors to success?’  

We will be studying the added value of interoperability in EPR projects by drawing on both Polypoint’s expertise and knowledge of the Swiss market and Enovacom’s experience of hospital groups in France.

A reminder about Electronic Patient Records:

Electronic Patient Records (EPRs) are files containing patients’ entire data set (personal information, medical documents, etc.).

Patients decide for themselves who can access their data and choose which healthcare professionals can see which documents. They can have any of this information consulted whenever they like using a secure internet connection.

The aim of EPRs is to make it easier for the different healthcare professionals treating them to be on the same page. They can access patient information quickly and easily which improves the quality of care since doctors then have all the relevant information they need readily available to make decisions.

For EPRs to be effective, healthcare professionals must keep a record of every patient document stored in them.

Useful information

Address: Kursaal Bern,
Kornhausstrasse 3, 3000 Bern, Switzerland

Date: 12 September 2019 

Opening hours: 8am to 6pm

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