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E-Health: the digital revolution is underway as Orange Business Services …

Publié le 05/02/2018

E-Health: the digital revolution is underway as Orange Business Services acquires Enovacom.


Enovacom is excited to announce that as of Friday, February 2nd 2018, Enovacom is being integrated into Orange Business Services. We have chosen to join the international Orange group alongside Orange Healthcare, a healthcare subsidiary, and work collaboratively to enable digital transformation in healthcare in France and internationally

This collaboration makes particular sense as both companies share very strong values and DNA as they work towards digitally transforming the healthcare sector and being able to work with many important stakeholders from a neutral standpoint such as public and private health structures, laboratories, health agencies, software publishers and biomedical device manufacturers.

The major challenge over the coming years will be ensuring patients receive the right care from the right healthcare professionals in the right organisations at the right time by relying on the strength of value-added technology and services. Orange Healthcare and Enovacom both commit to continuing to innovate and strengthen what is currently available to each patient in France and internationally. Enovacom will become a subsidiary of Orange Business Services and integrate operationally with Orange Healthcare under the leadership of Elie LOBEL.

Through this acquisition, Enovacom aims to help you benefit from the Orange Group’s range of skills and innovative capabilities in cloud, communication infrastructure, security, connected objects, and customer experience.

As ever, our teams are available to support you in any and all of your projects.

We hope you will come and join us on stand O56 at the Paris Healthcare Week trade fair in May to discuss this excellent news. If you already have questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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