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Enovacom will exhibit at Digital Health Rewired in London

Publié le 14/01/2020

Enovacom will exhibit at Digital Health Rewired in London


Enovacom is ready to join the digital health revolution by participating to Digital Health Rewired, one of England’s biggest healthcare event of the year. It will be a fantastic occasion to meet innovators in digital health and build connections to improve patient care, as well as demonstrate the effectiveness of our interoperability solutions

Digital Health Rewired: a window on the future of healthcare

DH Rewired is a show that connects current and future health leaders with the best in digital health. Digital health start-ups and NHS IT leaders are reunited for a common purpose: improve patient care & safety.

Conference – Medical device integration: safer and more productive care for nurses and medical staff

When: March 4th, from 14:15 to 14:30
Where: Interoperability Theatre

Tony Tarpey, Head of Clinical Applications at Wirral UTH NHS FT, and Mark Smith, Business Development Director in the UK for Enovacom, will have an occasion to demonstrate how nurses and medical staff can, today, benefit from medical device integration to spend more time and focus on patient care.

Come and learn all about the successful project of connecting highly complex data from 11 ventilators to the electronic patient record (EPR) in Wirral University Teaching Hospital, one of the world’s “most wired” hospital, according to the College of Healthcare Information Management Executive (CHIME).

Mark Smith - Business Development Director in the UK
Mark Smith – Business Development Director in the UK

Download the slides from our conference

Come and strenghten your global interoperability strategy with us

It is clear that interoperability plays a fundamental role in the future of healthcare. Whether it comes from vital signs data for monitoring conditions, high-resolution images to support diagnosis, or pharmacy records to understand which medicines should be prescribed, global healthcare data is expected to reach a phenomenal 2,3 billion gigabytes in 2020.

But this data needs to be in the right hands to be truly effective. The challenge here, is how to ensure that information flows safely and effectively to the appropriate healthcare professionals, no matter where they are.

If you want to facilitate the exchange and sharing of healthcare data, securely, in your hospital or region, come and meet us on booth B34 to discuss and establish your interoperability strategy.

Enjoy live demonstration of our biomedical interoperability solution on our booth n°B34

ENOVACOM Patient Connect is a unique connectivity solution that extracts vital signs and other patient information from biomedical devices and integrates this directly with the patient record. This 100% software-based solution delivers integrated vital signs information via a single interface, reducing costs and resources for IT departments, whilst enhancing patient care, reducing risk and saving valuable nursing time.

  • Delivers a complete patient record
  • Integrates with clinical applications
  • Reduces costs and administration

Come and get a live demonstration on how to connect various medical devices to the medical record and integrate the data easily.

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