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Connecting medical devices: interoperability and connectivity

Publié le 12/04/2019

Connecting medical devices: interoperability and connectivity


The need to connect devices is evolving. To make automatic data integration from devices possible, the first step is connecting these devices to the network. This connectivity is not enough in itself and is just the first step of really integrating into healthcare records.

We are also able to see the evolution of the different degrees of possible integration on the schema below.

Connectivity means devices communicating – then making it possible to transport or receive data. However, this system is more focussed on collecting information than integrating it.

Interoperability, it is not just possible to receive and transmit the data but also to integrate it into different healthcare systems.

Interoperability makes devices collaborative and allows their users to see them as a real tool they can rely on.

“Increased use of interoperable medical devices has the potential to foster rapid innovation at lower cost. However, appropriate safety considerations including system level safety considerations that are not taken into account in the device design can result unforeseen safety and effectiveness issues for the device or for the system,” the FDA wrote.

medical device interoperability

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