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Identity and Access Management: 0.5 day per week saved with …

Publié le 09/10/2017

Identity and Access Management: 0.5 day per week saved with ENOVACOM Identity Manager – Diaconesses Hospital Group


The User

Frédéric Bourcier is the Director of IT Systems and Organisation (DSIO) of the Diaconesses Croix Saint-Simon Hospital Group in Paris, a 350-bed ESPIC multi-site MCO.

Here he tells us about using ENOVACOM Identity Manager – the solution for standardising accounts and authorisations.

What were your reasons for applying account management software at the Diaconesses Croix Saint-Simon Hospital Group?

Frédéric Bourcier: In the DSIO, we wanted to limit the impact of disorganised, often late, account creation when new employees join us. As human resources (HR) is not the only source of new staff, we used to spend a lot of time setting up accounts to match staff access rights with their profiles for many applications. We wanted to centralise the Hospital Information System identity management by creating a meta-directory to ensure our processes are reactive and simple by improving the quality and security of our HIS.

“This helps improve the hospital’s brand image when new staff members join as it makes the DSIO seem efficient and the establishment organised”.

What were the key steps in setting up ENOVACOM Identity Manager?

F.B: The project started in June 2015 with a team of mainly IT professionals, an application engineer, a development engineer and a member of the Enovacom team. An important step was to account for every staff member already registered in our applications and ensure the information matched the meta-directory. We prioritised software which used our LDAP Active Directory, as it included a lot of staff or urgent or tedious applications which took a long time to load (DPI, PHARMA, AD). Another important step was to determine an access rights matrix for each application while taking into account existing software. The extent of the work showed us that we had several application profiles in software for the same hospital job, but after looking further it was an anomaly and just one profile was enough.

Who helped you identify your needs?

F.B: They were healthcare executives for carers and department heads for doctors. We decided to start by deleting profile copies that were in certain business applications and standardise our rights matrixes and authorisations to make them manageable and above all understandable. Enovacom has had an essential part in consulting and supporting the project management. They had an engineer available on site to establish the tool’s parameters. We at the DSIO had a clear idea of the profiles and features which needed to be set up.

What are the configuration specifics of the Diaconesses Croix Saint-Simon Hospital Group?

F.B: I do not think that our healthcare providers require any real specifics. First of all, we wanted to make sure we complied with our access policy as a future audit is always possible. Secondly, for employees who are only with us for a limited period of time, such as interns, we had to have a complete staff list. The ENOVACOM Identity Manager solution has an automatic feature that manages account deactivation for interns based on how long they work for us. And finally, the directory also stores default settings, window sizes, payment scheduling and other information in the DPI. We are faster, more flexible and more comfortable using business software. Another of the directory’s advantages is that when a new tab appears in the DPI, you just have to add it to the directory and the modification appears in every account. Since we started using ENOVACOM Identity Manager, our software purchasing policy has also evolved. We prefer applications that can work in Active Directory LDAP as the authorisations are even easier to manage. Otherwise we have to ask the publisher for an authorisation interface.

What feedback have you had from staff since installing the directory?

F.B: First and foremost, the DSIO staff are very pleased with this product which has turned out to be an essential tool. For one thing, we’ve noticed how it saves us half a day per week on data entry for accounts and authorisations.

If we look at the fact that Identity Manager makes sure that data, accounts and rights are entered into the system correctly, the directory saves us one FTE (full-time equivalent) per week – an FTE that we don’t have. We save time and improve our HIS’s compliance. For physicians, the system is transparent and allows new staff to be operational as soon as they arrive. When they start, they automatically receive a welcome email with their login details and password.

“This helps improve the hospital’s brand image when new staff members join as it makes the DSIO seem efficient and the establishment organised”.

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