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The directory – the cornerstone of secure account management

Publié le 16/08/2017

The directory – the cornerstone of secure account management


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The new hospital in Gonesse is now armed to ensure that its staff has maximum security when it comes to their data and simplified access to job software

Key benefits in choosing ENOVACOM Identity Manager

The new HC in Gonesse will benefit from a company staff directory, by job and by department, in order to respond to French regulatory constraints (Account Certification or Digital Hospital Program). Martine Autran, Director of Information Systems (DIS) of this establishment, tells us about the essential criteria for success in such a project, as well as the involement of professionals like her.

A new robotised and automated hospital

“For the new building, we’re setting up the robotisation of numerous wards like the automatic distribution of clothes, automated transport by remote-control or « pneumatic turtles », highlights Martine Autran, “also with access control on the whole of the building. For all of these automatons, identification will be done individually with badges”.

“This means formalising accounts and authorisations for staff who will be using all of these automated processes”. In this establishment we have 2,400 workers, and 2,000 accounts are automatically generated from human resources information software. This is done with a locally-developed program. Taking into account the importance of reliability for future exchanges, it was necessary to use a more ‘industrial’ process.

Centralising the information relative to staff in the directory

It was therefore decided to equip ourselves with a company directory – ENOVACOM Identity Manager. With the application data given by the Human Resources (HR) department, the information exchange flow was also centralised and secured. “We also opted to replace the telephone directory that we had implemented in the Lotus- Notes intranet, with the ‘blank pages’ directory included in ENOVACOM Identity Manager. To bring the directory up to speed, the HR department had to work a lot on job identification and care units so that the information was correct with executive verification”, Martine Autran continues. “With the DIS, we then ensured the management of this directory and the control of flow between ENOVACOM Identity Manager and the application software”. Today, the directory is the prerequisite so that all staff members can work, which brought about a cultural change. “The accounts and access are not generated until the HR file is completed, which means that the patient files get finished more quickly”.

Faster and more secure access to application software

For Martine Autran, the success of such a project needed everyone’s compliance, which came from good communication from the Information System Manager (ISM) with hospital staff. “First of all, it is essential for Human Resources Managers to really understand that each worker has be to allocated a job and a functional unit so that we can give the access rights to solutions the right way”, she concludes. The HR needed nearly three months of inventory work and job updates in their software. Today, everyone is satisfied with this change. The workers, who have faster access to software that they use every day, or annex departments, are assured the security of their data. The ISM, who can centralise the management of worker information and finally the HR, who can identify the movements of staff and give out alerts more easily”.

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Interviewee: Martine Autran, Information System Manager, Gonesse Hospital Centre.

The Gonesse Hospital Centre was founded in 1208 by Pierre de Theilley, bailiff of Philippe August of the Lord’s House at the 19th century Hotel-Dieu, then the medical-surgery centre in 1969. The hospital doesn’t stop modernising as it continues to establish and renovate its facilities. 800 years of hospital traditions carry on in its walls and will be consecrated by the new hospital in the spring of 2016. The Gonesse Hospital Centre ensures the multidisciplinary medical and technical medical care and has more than 25,000 hospitalisations every year, 84,000 emergency consultations and more than 180,000 external consultations. More than 2,300 babies are born in Gonesse each year. With more than 941 beds and places, the Gonesse Hospital Centre makes use of on-site technical medical infrastructure: MRI, CT scan, digital radiology, coronary angiography, a technical operating suite, ambulatory surgery, delivery rooms, recovery rooms, digestive endoscopy, anatomopathology, an internal pharmacy, and certified central sterilisation ISO 9001.

Key Facts

Paris Saint Joseph Hospital Group

180,000 consultations

84,000 emergencies

25,000 hospitalisations

2,400 workers

2,000 accounts

941 beds

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