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Saint Paul Clinic’s maternity ward uses ENOVACOM Patient Connect to …

Publié le 18/09/2017

Saint Paul Clinic’s maternity ward uses ENOVACOM Patient Connect to record data during childbirth


The maternity ward at the Saint Paul Clinic ensures its patient information is complete


The Saint Paul Clinic in Fort-de-France, Martinique, is an MCO (medicine, surgery and obstetrics) and SSR (follow-up care and rehabilitation) provider. It is now able to integrate and consume vital data recorded during childbirth. Dr. Nabil Mansour, CEO, explains how the ENOVACOM Patient Connect, biomedical interoperability software solution, has contributed to this project.

Key benefits in choosing ENOVACOM Patient Connect

Electronic patient records across Martinique

The Saint Paul Clinic started off by participating in the regional electronic patient records project, coordinated by the Martinique Health Cooperation Group. The key steps in patient care – from patient admission to the operating theatre – are now fully electronic. « The idea behind this project is to centralise patient information across the region, especially for critical medical activities », explains Dr Nabil Mansour. The Clinic has contributed to implementing the electronic patient records across Martinique; a single file shared by all the healthcare providers on the island. After this success, they continued to computerise the clinic by introducing this new technology into their maternity wards.

Integrating and using vital parameters from biomedical devices

The maternity wards in the region are now using the IDO Perinat software to let physicians share files designed to monitor mothers and their babies. « The Saint Paul Clinic is also a pilot site for this project », he continues. « This system monitors vital parameters from monitoring devices during deliveries. We no longer have to fill out paper copies which made filing difficult due to the number of documents. We were also worried about losing information because the ink kept fading away. To make sure we provide high-quality, easy-to-read digital information, we needed an interface to connect our biomedical devices to IDO Perinat. »

Every year, the establishment delivers more than 900 babies – its obstetrics ward has 3 delivery rooms and 2 labour units. Inputting vital data from patients and their newborn babies is crucial to completing the perinatal file in order to have all of the patient’s information. It is easier for nurses to monitor and use the data which results in improved patient care.
We needed an interface that connects medical devices to IDO Perinat to make sure the digital information generated is correct.

Automatically updating patient records with ENOVACOM Patient Connect

The Martinique GCS SIS chose ENOVACOM Patient Connect – a software capable of transferring monitor readings onto IDO Perinat. « It can handle data produced by any medical device, especially the Philips electronic foetal monitors installed in the maternity wards – which is very useful », Dr Mansour highlights. The midwives simply have to log onto ENOVACOM Patient Connect and link the monitoring device to the patient. The system then updates the records with the mothers contractions, pulse, blood pressure and saturation readings, as well as the foetal heart beat. All of this is done automatically. The data then can be transmitted to the midwifes office for real-time monitoring. “The patient file is up-to-date and the patient care improved.

This system is a real step forward for our maternity wards. ENOVACOM Patient Connect is designed to adapt to any situation.

A system designed to interface with any kind of medical device

All of the recorded information can be routinely updated onto the patients partogram which summarises the mothers progress during her delivery. « This system is a real step forward for our maternity wards » Dr Mansour concludes. « ENOVACOM Patient Connect is designed to adapt to any situation. This software is very easy to install and it allows patient data to be transferred automatically and securely. Despite being far away from mainland France, Enovacom provided us with very responsive top-class customer support. They did not think twice about sending us an engineer when we needed one. »

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