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ENOVACOM Patient Connect integrates biomedical devices with your EPR

Publié le 17/08/2017

ENOVACOM Patient Connect integrates biomedical devices with your EPR



In 2014 Enovacom launched ENOVACOM Patient Connect, a solution which instantly sends patient data from biomedical machines to EPRs (Electronic Patient Records). It was tested at the end of September in the cardiology department at the Bagnols/Cèze hospital, in the Gard region, to integrate electrocardiograms (ECGs).

The increase of biomedical equipment in hospital wards raises different questions about guaranteeing patients’ identification, care and treatment, and cost management. In the cardiology department at Bagnols/Cèze hospital, biomedical machines have never communicated with patient files – until today. The department was chosen to test out ENOVACOM Patient Connect to integrate ECGs thanks to a connected electrocardiograph.

User’s quote

This need has coincided with an Enovacom project, which we had already solutions installed from. We also began a trial phase at the end of 2013. The 1st step was to implement the securing of patient identification. That hasn’t been a problem as it’s Enovacom’s expertise.

Key benefits in choosing ENOVACOM Patient Connect

Direct access to ECGs in the EPRs

All of the cardiology department’s data processing has been done electronically since 2009 but “ECGs are always done on paper and aren’t always accessible especially during an emergency”, explains Dr Olivier Abrieu, head of the cardiology department. “What we really needed was to have the ECG available in the medical file as soon as the examination finished to improve the quality of patient care”. The dual constraint is securing the flow of information with reliable patient identification via a procedure which remains quick and simple for the physicians during the examination.

A real life test

After a few months where the vendor and the teams from Bagnols/Cèze worked in close collaboration, a full scale test was done at the end of September. The objective was to get patient data from the ECG and put it into the patient file with the examination results. This operation took place over four stages:

  • Validation of identity and patients’ movements from Hospital Manager, a Softway Medical solution
  • Patient-ECG association
  • Aggregation and consolidation of patient identity data in HL7 format
  • Report automatically integrated into Hospital Manager.

A clear time saver

One of the main objectives was to optimise nurses’ time. We clearly achieved this target. Now the medical staff can access ECG results directly in the Patient’s EPR. Patient care and staff reactivity in the EMU is improved «over 1,000 patients benefit from this solution» confirms P. Barbot.

HIS and Biomed link reinforced

« I now am part of the medical devices commission that approves physicians’ requests and needed investments» says P. Barbot. «We better coordinate our purchase process since we now give priority to biomedical devices that takes into account interoperability’s dimension » confirms Emmanuel Laporte, biomedical engineer in Bagnols.

Key Facts

Bagnols/Cèze Hospital

16,000 hospital stays

1,000 birt per year

26,000 emergency interventions

5,700 operating room sessions

117,000 outpatient exams

820 staff members

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