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Armor Regional Hospital Group: a single view of patients

Publié le 24/06/2019

Armor Regional Hospital Group: a single view of patients


Discover Armor RHG community patient IT system

The Armor regional hospital group (RHG) in Côtes-d’Armor is implementing ‘eRoz’ – the community-based IT system (IS) – which will make it easier for every health provider within the group to communicate with one another, with stakeholders and with external tools (including shared medical records).

With hospitals in Guingamp, Lannion-Trestel, Paimpol, Saint-Brieuc and Tréguier, the RHG had five different IT systems all using different applications. It wanted to develop a single all-inclusive way of viewing patients that could be accessed regardless of where treatments were being given. The idea was to solidify the region’s medical projects and shared treatment facilities.

After 18 months of negotiations, Gfi Informatique (made up of three partners: aXigate, Enovacom and Web100T), was given the task of integrating the regional IT system.

According to Brigitte Le Guiffant, Assistant IT System Project Manager at Saint-Brieuc hospital, the first port of call is to review the users and rights directory. “A grid is being put together to define compatible staff rights along with an analysis of how to transfer patients’ identities”. Next, a unique number will have to be assigned to each patient in every IT system document for the second semester of 2018.

In 2019, the RHG plans to start using the platform, i.e. the basic shared records, and move on to using the complete IT system community full time in 2022.

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