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9 good reasons to choose Enovacom

Publié le 15/04/2019

9 good reasons to choose Enovacom


Does your healthcare organisation have IT needs? Choose Enovacom for its experience and expertise.

1. A market leader

As a market leader for data integration in France, Enovacom is in use across 1,500 healthcare providers in Europe & North America and works across secondary, primary and community care.

2. 95% satisfaction

With a 95% customer satisfaction rate, Enovacom delivers flexible solutions that meet customers’ needs.

3. Expertise and technology

Enovacom is the vanguard of healthcare integration in one of the world’s most respected healthcare economies, bringing expertise and technology in secure information exchange to support the growing demand for integrated care in the international healthcare market.

4. Part of healthcare organisations

Enovacom is in use in healthcare organisations with high levels of digital maturity, many at HIMSS Level 6. Another reason to choose Enovacom.

5. 16 years of experience

Enovacom is a well-established, financially secure company with over 16 years’ experience in developing healthcare interoperability and security solutions. 160 persons with strong experiences, what else?

6. Strong partnerships

Enovacom has forged strong partnerships with major healthcare vendors suchas Hill-Rom, Cerner, McKesson and Agfa Healthcare, and works with suppliers at all levels.

7. Neutral vendor

Enovacom is vendor neutral and so can work within any healthcare economy, broadening the scope in the marketplace.

8. Easy to implement solutions

By providing a solution that removes the need for expensive programming skills, Enovacom can help customers with a ‘quick win’ for their integrated care activities.

9. Work with the world’s leading EPR vendors

With the heritage of working with the world’s leading EPR vendors, Enovacom connects systems of any scale and complexity. This makes integration simple and enables anyone to fit in with any best of breed approach to implementation.

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