HDS Certification

Publish on 08/06/2021

This certification was issued on April 24th 2019, by AFNOR. It is valid until April 23rd 2022 and is subject to annual follow-up audits. Since October 1st 2020, with the transfer of the activities of Orange Business Services SA—Healthcare Department to Enovacom, healthcare data hosting services or new projects and products having an HDS component are addressed as follows:

At the legal level, the services and offerings are provided to our customers under contract and carried by ENOVACOM SAS. At the organizational level, these activities continue to be managed through the ISMS Digital & Data processes without any modification that could impact upon the certifications.

All ISO 27001 Security Management Requirements

The ISO 20000-1 Service Management Requirements
  • Planning of new of modified services (Chapter 5.2)
  • Design and implementation of new or modified services (Chapter 5.3 (b))
  • Service continuity and availability management (Chapters 6.3 & 6.5)
  • Requirements related to the protection of personal health data (ISO 27018)
Additional HDS Requirements:
  • Roles and responsibilities: The distribution of responsibilities in terms of Information Security between the host and its client must be defined and made formal
  • Compliance with the enforceable standards of PGSSI-S : The host must inform its customers that they are required to comply with the PGSSI-S, and must put in place a means of obtaining a commitment in this respect
  • Audit reports: The host must send certification audit reports to clients who request them. The host must also provide these reports to the certification organization in the event of a transfer or request for equivalence
  • List of customer contacts: The host must keep a list of contact information for each customer
  • Regionalization: Ensure that the interfaces proposed are available at least in French

These services are therefore covered under the certification for activities related to hosting physical infrastructures (1 and 2) and outsourcing hosting (3, 4, 5 and 6), issued on April 24th 2019 by AFNOR to Orange Healthcare – DIGITAL & DATA BU from ORANGE BUSINESS SERVICES – PARIS LA DEFENSE and valid until April 23rd 2022.

The last annual follow-up audit was carried out in September 2020 and led to the issuing on November 19th 2020 of AFNOR certificate no. 2019 / 82634.3 to the organization Orange Healthcare – DIGITAL & DATA BU of ORANGE BUSINESS SERVICES – PARIS LA DEFENSE.

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