Learn about the 3 factors required to making remote patient monitoring (RPM) part of mainstream care

The pandemic fast-tracked healthcare’s adoption of remote patient monitoring. Some believe it is here to stay. Here are some critical success factors that pioneering healthcare […]

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Automatically update patient records and save staff time

Enovacom is 100% software. Its biomedical interoperability solution is independent of medical device manufacturers and publishers of clinical software or business solutions. Based on expertise […]

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Secure and transmit every data flow that leaves your organisation

Our interoperability platform allows you to share flows with external partners, so that you can meet information exchange requirements. Administrative and financial flowsMedical flows with […]

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Create one single patient record for every organisation in your hospital group

Our solution contains an EMPI (Enterprise Master Patient Index) or a corporate identity and reconciliation server. It uses probabilistic or deterministic algorithms to evaluate patient […]

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Manage health crisis situations effectively

There are different alert trigger interfaces: Phone call By adding numbers to the platform, scenarios can be triggered by simply receiving a call. For security […]

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